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The train to Lidl


Today I worked. Having been allowed to ‘work from home’ this week I decided that a day’s labour would be good for me. I don’t want to use up too much holiday time in my quest for a lovely smile. At about 4pm, I looked bleakly at my computer screen and logged off. Seven hours of toil is enough for anyone when in a beautiful foreign city. Continue reading The train to Lidl

Metal mouth


Last Christmas I cooked a delicious ham for the family feast, into which I inserted cloves  for flavour. Upon biting into it, I felt a stabbing pain to the roof of my mouth. I already had a dental holiday to Poland booked for root canal surgery three weeks later.  So when the dentist saw this new tooth disaster  he extracted said tooth. It had split in half.  He inserted a root implant and told me to return in six months – this time lapse was required to allow the bone to grow around the implant. After this he could install a shiny brand new tooth. Continue reading Metal mouth

The root-canal of all evil


The trip did not start well. Getting to Dublin Airport was fine – I was in plenty of time. Upon arrival however, the airport resembled the seventh circle of hell. There were so many people. All security gates and check in areas were open. I guess it just means that Dublin Airport is too small for purpose. I took a deep breath and decided to remain calm. No point in getting stressed. Going through security my 125 ml tube of toothpaste was confiscated for being oversize. Naturally I was randomly selected for a search by a security guard. This is almost inevitable for me at this point. I never carry contraband, but for some reason I always inwardly panic at this point. Out with anger, in with love. Continue reading The root-canal of all evil