The train to Lidl


Today I worked. Having been allowed to ‘work from home’ this week I decided that a day’s labour would be good for me. I don’t want to use up too much holiday time in my quest for a lovely smile. At about 4pm, I looked bleakly at my computer screen and logged off. Seven hours of toil is enough for anyone when in a beautiful foreign city.

I glanced at my guide book. The fourth most popular destination in town, was the Oliwa Cathedral in the Oliwa district of town. I shuddered slightly, as churches can be dull. But as I have already been to the top 3 destinations, I decided to be adventurous. I went to he beautiful central station, bought a ticket in the machine and boarded the train. Twelve minutes later I disembarked, and looked around. I wanted to find the cathedral. Get me to that church. I thought it would be obvious – a huge building like that usually is instantly visible. Except that in this instance it wasn’t. I couldn’t find a wi-fi connection to guide me to it. The woman from whom I asked directions looked at me in alarm and ignored me. I decided I’d find it on my own.

Twenty minutes later I found myself in the bowels of a Lidl supermarket where I purchased a tin of sardines for tomorrow’s lunch; a pair of ten euro trainers (which hopefully are not also on sale in Ireland so I can pretend that they are expensive) and and a zeppikanka (a Polish pizza style snack that resembles a pizza, but simply uses a bread roll as the base instead of pizza dough.)

After giving up on finding the cathedral (which I discovered only later was over a kilometre’s distance from the train station) I returned to my neighbourhood, and promptly got lost in the Old Town. I knew I was close by home so was not panicked. I eventually stumbled across the pizza joint where the nice lady had allowed me to make a call, on the night I found myself locked out of my apartment.

For my dinner I dined on pierogi – Polish boiled dumplings filled will various different fillings. It was scrumptious.

Arriving home an hour ago I logged on to my computer, and a friend called me on Skype. It was good to have a proper conversation. I’ve been short on those so far, during my dental holiday.

Final tooth work is at 5.45pm tomorrow. Which is annoying. I don’t want to miss Son Lux – the experimental US rock band, who I have never heard of, playing their gig in an old shipyard warehouse. Showtime is 8pm.



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