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Gdansk, Gdansk where-ever you may be, I am the lord of Gdansk said he.

On my final day in Poland, I had neither a dental appointment or work commitment. I rose early – a man on a mission. My plan was to visit the Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej, Laznia (the Centre of Modern Art). This is an art gallery located in an old city bathhouse. It was recommended by my host as it would give me an opportunity to see a less touristic part of the Old Town. The neighbourhood seems to be gentrifying slightly, but used to be rather a poor part of town. This history is visible on the streets. It is a district generally ignored by tourists which made it sound very appealing. Continue reading Gdansk, Gdansk where-ever you may be, I am the lord of Gdansk said he.

Music by Son Lux and SK Kakraba, in the Shipyard of Gdansk


My teeth are complete. My final appointment for the installation of my bionic teeth was at 5.45pm this evening. The time concerned me. In the planning of this dental holiday I had assumed I would be free by Friday evening, so I had bought a ticket to see the experimental US rock band Son Lux, in Klub B90 which is located in an old warehouse in the Gdansk shipyard (the largest shipyard of the communist empire, and where the Polish democratic movement Solidarnosc , under Lech Walesa, kicked off in the 1970s and 1980s.) I was slightly concerned that dentistry would delay me. Continue reading Music by Son Lux and SK Kakraba, in the Shipyard of Gdansk

The train to Lidl


Today I worked. Having been allowed to ‘work from home’ this week I decided that a day’s labour would be good for me. I don’t want to use up too much holiday time in my quest for a lovely smile. At about 4pm, I looked bleakly at my computer screen and logged off. Seven hours of toil is enough for anyone when in a beautiful foreign city. Continue reading The train to Lidl

Metal mouth


Last Christmas I cooked a delicious ham for the family feast, into which I inserted cloves  for flavour. Upon biting into it, I felt a stabbing pain to the roof of my mouth. I already had a dental holiday to Poland booked for root canal surgery three weeks later.  So when the dentist saw this new tooth disaster  he extracted said tooth. It had split in half.  He inserted a root implant and told me to return in six months – this time lapse was required to allow the bone to grow around the implant. After this he could install a shiny brand new tooth. Continue reading Metal mouth

Solidarność (Solidarity)


So at midday my dental adventure finished. I was a free man.

What to do?

Gdansk is a very appealing city visually – at least in the old town where I am residing. It resembles Amsterdam in fact, with the narrow buildings and streets, very reminiscent of the canal streets of the Dutch capital. Perhaps this is because of the German influence (Gdansk was a large German speaking enclave, called Danzig until the War).

It’s Baltic here however – the sea is only a few miles away – so I wanted to stay indoors.

Seeing as this city is the birthplace of post-communist Polish democracy, I decided that a visit to the Solidarity (Solidarność) Museum was a wise idea. Continue reading Solidarność (Solidarity)