The pain in Poland


I have a new tooth. Quite the journey it was today to obtain this molar too.

Feeling quite sensitive when I woke up today (yesterday’s root canal painkillers had worn off) I decided not to venture too far from my lovely temporary home. Instead I took a wander around the old town. It was interesting – although my enjoyment was suppressed slightly by the throbbing pain in my mouth. It was nothing to worry about. Doctor Helena – she of the big needle – had warned me to expect this.

At 4pm I made my way to a taxi stand, to take a cab out to the industrial wastelands of County Gdansk.

The taxi driver took my piece of paper, marked the address into his sat nav system and started driving. About thirty minutes later he dropped me at a spot I had never seen before.

‘My good man, you are most certainly mistaken if you think this leafy, residential neighbourhood is my destination. Take me to the wastelands. And  pronto.’

I didn’t say any of that of course. He spoke not a word of English. It was worse than my Polish in fact.

He took the piece of paper back from me, rang the number for the dentist, spoke to the kindly lady at reception, and set off again. When we finally arrived, I was fifteen minutes late – despite having budgeted more than enough time to get here. Apparently there are two streets of the same same in Gdansk.

He wouldn’t accept payment for the lift. Which was very decent of him.

For today’s entertainment I was getting a dental implant.

This was a sprung on  me when I arrived yesterday. The tooth to be replaced was not on my original plan.

I was not surprised however.

Upon receipt of the free ham from work, at Christmas, I had promptly taken it home, boiled it in cider, and then coated it in honey and inserted cloves into the skin before roasting it. As the Family Murphy sat down to dinner, I bit into a clove, and immediately felt a stabbing pain through a tooth.

I expected I was going to need an extra filling in Poland. It turns out however that that damned clove had split the tooth vertically into two halves, right up to the root, and that it would need to be extracted as it was beyond repair . Not wanting to have a big gappy mouth, I opted for an implant when Dr Adam told me my options.

The pliers were produced and the tooth came out. He then implanted a titanium root, and put a temporary crown over this, for cosmetic purposes – it is visible when I smile you see, so I didn’t want to show this.

In six months when the root has taken hold in my mouth, and attached itself to the bones, I can get a permanent crown on it.

I am in absolute agony.

Another quiet night in. Tomorrow morning is hopefully my final dental trip of the holiday. I am getting stems put into yesterday’s root canal, onto which a crown can be inserted.

I suspect I may be visiting Poland later in the year again.

Although at these prices I guess I cannot complain.



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