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Theatrical: ‘Drama at Inish’


The Abbey Theatre can be a magical place. Ireland’s national theatre has been my theatre of choice this year. In part because of its close proximity to my house. In part because of its ingenious scheme of offering free of charge first preview performances, many of which I have availed myself. In part because I feel like it belongs to the people of Dublin – being state funded. As a result I see almost everything that is staged at this playhouse. Last night I went to see ‘Drama at Inish’ – the tenth show I have seen on the main stage this year (along with a further six productions on the smaller Peacock Stage’.) Continue reading Theatrical: ‘Drama at Inish’

Theatrical: ‘Champions of dance’ by the Lords of Strut, at the Fringe

In 2016 I discovered that Dublin held a fringe festival every September, which occurred just before the Dublin Theatre Festival. It showcased more offbeat, less mainstream work. I was new back in town and excited to have instant access to English language theatre. I went to several shows that year – one of which was called ‘Riot’ (read my review HERE). One of the most memorable elements of that show was the Cork comedy-dance duo The Lords of Strut. The same pair are back at the Fringe this year with their latest show called ‘Champions of dance’ on the Peacock stage of the Abbey Theatre. Continue reading Theatrical: ‘Champions of dance’ by the Lords of Strut, at the Fringe