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Paul Young – No Chantez. Please

During the 1980s Paul Young sang the opening line to Band Aid’s ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’. This was because of his glittering pop career. The hits back then were plentiful – ‘Love of the common people’; ”Where-ever I lay my hat’; ‘Everytime you go away’ among many others. I was a fan. Not a huge fan – in my pre-teen years I was more besotted with Georgios Panayiotou – better known as Andrew Ridgley’s bandmate in Wham! I enjoyed Young’s music – it seemed sophisticated to my ten year old palette. Continue reading Paul Young – No Chantez. Please

Theatrical: ‘The morning after the life before’


May 23rd 2015 is a day that will forever be etched in the memory of the LGBT community in Ireland. It was the day the result of the marriage equality referendum was was announced, and 62% of our nation said that we were equal.

On 24th May 2015, Limerick woman Ann Blake received a text from her brother, asking ‘How’s the morning after the life before?’ This question became the title of the play ‘The morning after the life before’ which is currently playing at the Bewleys Cafe Theatre. Continue reading Theatrical: ‘The morning after the life before’



After the strenuous Christmas festivities, I decided to have a cultural day before heading back to the Big Smog. My plan was simple – to visit the Jewish Cemetery of Limerick. I had heard about this place’s existence. I knew that it was located close to the University of Limerick. The precise location was a mystery to me. During my ill spent university days, I had never sought it out. Now, almost quarter of a century later it was time. Continue reading Gravespotting

Poetry corner: ‘Racing down the sun’


My train to Dublin was at 4.20pm. I was in town by 2.30. This was not an accident. I was on a mission. My intention was to visit the Limerick City Gallery of Art which is located about a hundred metres from the train station. This beautiful old building dates from 1906 and is located on Pery Square in the city.  The exhibitions change every few months. So each time I am home I make a point to pay it a visit to check out the latest display. Continue reading Poetry corner: ‘Racing down the sun’

Concert: Deacon Blue live at the Big Top


The Milk Market in Limerick is open for trade every Friday, Saturday and Sunday – selling an assortment of foods and clothing in a semi-sheltered environment. While it is not a fully indoors market like the English Market in Cork, it has for the past decade had a large canopy over it, to protect the traders and the punters from inclement weather. A very pleasant place. Continue reading Concert: Deacon Blue live at the Big Top

Limerick: the rocks that I got


The weekend just passed was a maelstrom of activity. I was collected from work in a motorcar on Friday afternoon, from the depths of the wastelands. Across the country we drove. The destination was Limerick. Owing to roadworks on the Naas road we took an alternative route. As a result we were denied the opportunity to stop for caffeine-infused refreshment at the Barack Obama Plaza – a service area, at Junction 23 of the M7 on the edge of the village of Moneygall. Luckily in the West there is a chain of such service stops, all identical to each other. We had a coffee at the less glamourously named Galway Plaza. I resisted the overwhelming urge for chips with garlic sauce and grated cheese at Supermacs. I am a man of resolve. Continue reading Limerick: the rocks that I got

Drag my bad name down


I am a creature of habit. On December 30th last year I went to see The 4 of Us in Dolans Upstairs. I had an excellent time in spite of (or perhaps  because of ?) being on my own. I wrote an account of this gig in my final blog post of 2016 – HERE.

When I saw that the band were playing in the same venue on the exact same date this year, I decided to give it a miss. Much as I enjoy a solo gig, there’s something better about having a buddy with you when at a concert. Continue reading Drag my bad name down