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Limerick Pride

Jack (2)

Last last month I missed Dublin Pride. I didn’t mourn, largely because of how intrusive the corporate sponsorship of companies like Tesco and Nestle has become – these are not known for treating their staff well. Rumour has is that London Pride is even worse – apparently members of the LGBT community are only allowed to participate when invited to do so by corporate sponsors – the ordinary folk are corralled behind barriers to watch Goldman Sachs employees wave rainbow flags on the parade. I have hope that Dublin Pride can be saved from its own greed with a strong effort made to limit corporate hijacking of the event. It saddened me somewhat to miss Dublin Pride – having experienced my first one there in 1996. It couldn’t be helped however. I was being internationally fabulous out foreign. Continue reading Limerick Pride

U2: The Experience and Innocence tour


Being Irish, U2 is a band that has been totally unavoidable throughout my life. Since their international breakthrough almost forty years ago they have been inescapable on the musical and cultural landscape of my home country. Indisputably U2 is the most commercially successful musical act in Irish history. Even between musical projects, lead singer Bono has become a spokesperson and advocate for various global charity projects and initiatives. While I wouldn’t ever have been a massive U2 fan – they were a little bit too bloviatingly heterosexual for my refined taste – I tended to enjoy their songs and would sing along with gusto when they played on the wireless. In more recent years I developed a greater appreciation of them. Their song ‘Sometimes you can’t make it on your own’ was about the death of Bono’s father was quite beautiful. I still wouldn’t hold them in too high of an esteem but I enjoyed them. Continue reading U2: The Experience and Innocence tour

Wastelands Pride


*UPDATE* June 1st 2022 – the following post is from 2018. Last year for Pride, some male managers dressed up in drag – remotely. I shudder to think what this year will bring.

The rainbow flag fluttered proudly in the breeze as I approached the office. I entered the building. Someone had been busy overnight. The lobby was festooned with rainbow flags and balloons. Gay Pride had reached the Wastelands and my office was celebrating. Continue reading Wastelands Pride

Pride in the name of Manchester

The phone buzzed. It was a Facebook message – I could tell from the tone.

I was sprawled out, like an ungainly heap on the sofa, reading Hillary Mantel’s book – ‘Wolf Hall’ – about King Henry Tudor and his headless wives. It is taking longer than anticipated to read. Perhaps it is because I feel sorry for Queen Katharine and want her to cling on to her position (I know that this is not logical – this book is based on historical fact – it’s not going to have an alternate ending). King Henry did Katharine wrong, when he decided to install that TROLLOP Ann Boleyn as his new bride. Mind the head though, Ann – who knows what is coming? It could be an axe.

I unscrambled my limbs into a more respectable position, and reached for my decrepit phone and swiped to read the message.

It was a simple request.

‘Want 2 go 2 Manchester 4 Pride on last wknd in Aug.?’ Continue reading Pride in the name of Manchester

Checkmate, Angela


Germany voted to legalise same sex marriage last night.

Congratulations to the LGBT community in Germany. I hope this is another step on the road to full acceptance in society.

No gratitude to Angela Merkel though. She truly has shown her icy brutality as a human being in this whole saga. Cunning to the point of awe. Inspirational in her calculating deviousness. Continue reading Checkmate, Angela