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Dara Murphy – another Fine Gael hog with his snout in the trough.

I have written before about the Fine Gael Minister for Housing, Eoghan Murphy who has overseen the explosion of the homelessness crisis into a national catastrophe (read about him HERE). I’ve also written about the culture of greed and entitlement by elected Fine Gael politician Maria Bailey who upon receipt of legal advice by Minister for Culture Josepha Madigan, tried to fraudulently claim insurance from a hotel when she drunkenly fell off a swing while holding two bottles of booze in her hands (read about her HERE).

Now it is time to focus our attention on an even worse example of corruption in the Fine Gael party – an individual from the Cork North-Central constituency called Dara Murphy, who has spent the last several years with his  snout in the trough of taxpayers’ money with the knowledge and approval of his party and its leader Leo Varadkar. He is the human manifestation of a pig from George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. Continue reading Dara Murphy – another Fine Gael hog with his snout in the trough.

Fraud with Fine Gael



Maria Bailey – Fine Gael TD for Dun Laoghaire – made a claim against the Dean Hotel for injuries she claimed to have sustained in 2015, when she fell off a swing in the hotel. She was not holding said swing at the time as both hands were occupied with drinkies. On her affidavit she swore that she was not able to run for three months after her fall. The only problem being, that on her social media she was seen completing a 10km run in a speedy time, only three weeks after the accident. She requested €20,000 in compensation from the hotel as an out of court settlement which the hotel refused. In a car-crash radio interview with Sean O’Rourke, she claimed that she only asked for €7,000 compensation for medical expenses. That is €7000 (or 20,000 in reality) for medical expenses for a woman with comprehensive medical insurance? How very scamtastic. Had the blatantly fraudulent case gone to court then damages of up to €60,000 could have been awarded. Bailey dropped the case because of public outrage at her lies, greed, and scam tactics in the run up to the local and European elections. Continue reading Fraud with Fine Gael

The Taoiseach and the Showgirl


So the Taoiseach (prime minister of Ireland) is a fan of Kylie Minogue. This is not surprising. Leo Varadkar is 40 so would have borne witness to Charlene’s explosion onto the international consciousness as part of Neighbours in the 1980s, and her evolution into a global pop sensation with Stock Aitken and Waterman a few years later. Kylie’s special place in the heart of the gay community might be confusing to some, but it is undeniable. Speaking personally, I have seen her in concert on numerous occasions, in various countries over the years, depending on where I have been  living at the time. Continue reading The Taoiseach and the Showgirl