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Joyous Friday with the Happy Mondays


Did I want to see the Happy Mondays? Well certainly. But not enough to buy a ticket when they went on sale. It may seem that I am a gadfly when it comes to gigs, fluttering about like a deranged Christmas bauble, attending the opening of an envelop. The reality is different. I tend to be selective in my attendance at events. Were I to be present at everything I wanted to see then I would have been bankrupt long ago. Continue reading Joyous Friday with the Happy Mondays

Pride in the name of Manchester

The phone buzzed. It was a Facebook message – I could tell from the tone.

I was sprawled out, like an ungainly heap on the sofa, reading Hillary Mantel’s book – ‘Wolf Hall’ – about King Henry Tudor and his headless wives. It is taking longer than anticipated to read. Perhaps it is because I feel sorry for Queen Katharine and want her to cling on to her position (I know that this is not logical – this book is based on historical fact – it’s not going to have an alternate ending). King Henry did Katharine wrong, when he decided to install that TROLLOP Ann Boleyn as his new bride. Mind the head though, Ann – who knows what is coming? It could be an axe.

I unscrambled my limbs into a more respectable position, and reached for my decrepit phone and swiped to read the message.

It was a simple request.

‘Want 2 go 2 Manchester 4 Pride on last wknd in Aug.?’ Continue reading Pride in the name of Manchester