From a distance: The Coronavirus Diaries – Day 15.



This past fortnight has seen me walking far more consistently than I have done previously. In addition however, I am  spending far more time in my flat in the Dockalnds. I have noticed some things since I have started to socially and physically distance myself from other people. These are a few random observations that are probably not connected and they are certainly not important. But I’ll record them for posterity.

Firstly, I have started dreaming about work colleagues. This is a strange, bizarre and slightly unwelcome development in my life. As I am not traveling to the Wastelands each day, I am not meeting these people. I am speaking to them on a daily basis however. Working from home requires a lot more telephone calls, when previously I could simply call over to someone’s desk for a word. These phone calls tend  to be the only actual conversations I have each day – not counting the transactional chat with the checkout staff in the supermarket. As a result over the past week I am having recurrent dreams about people I never think about once I leave the office in the evening. White water rafting with my boss is now an activity I have now participated in mentally, while asleep.

Another vaguely noteworthy point is how fast a big Lidl shopping haul is consumed when you are preparing three square meals a day. This is not entirely related to the increased frequency with which I am going to the fridge. I am making a concerted effort not to overindulge – although a mid afternoon trip to the cupboard for Digestives is done subconsciously. It’s just that an adult human consumes quite a lot. I seem to have established a routine. A fruit smoothie made with a banana; apple; grapes; raspberries; Greek yoghurt and oats for breakfast – washed down wiith a boiled egg and coffee – is breakfast. Some sort of sandwich for lunch. The evening meal varies – tonight it will be dhal – the only vegan meal I know how to cook from scratch.  This will help me to consume the bag of lentils that have been sitting, unloved in the corner for months now.

RTE Gold is the best radio station on the planet. How come I never knew of its existence  before now? It seems to focus entirely on pop and rock music more than fifteen years old. Music from my youth in other words. ‘Kiss Me’ by Sixpence None the Richer is currently playing. I love that song. Wikipedia tells me that this one hit wonder group are a Christian rock band. Who knew? ‘Last dance’ by Donna Summer is the follow up song on the airwaves. There used to be a gay night club in Temple Bar on Monday nights in the 1990s, where the DJ would play this song to tell the punters  to start leaving as it was closing time.

The internet is scary. I have always avoided reading about scary things – hence I have never read an article about Donald Trump. I choose not to. I was being sucked into the horrific coronavirus online vortex. I am stopping this now. I will watch the 9pm evening news and Prime Time after it, and that will be my daily fill  of Covid horror.

It is getting dark later in the evening than when this lockdown began. I go for a walk at about 5pm each day. About a fortnight ago twilight was shortly after 6.30. It is now closer to 7pm. Completely obvious of course but quite remarkable that I have never noticed it until now.

‘Disco 2000’ by Pulp is now playing.

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