Day 18 – Coronavirus diaries. Lockdown


When lockdown was announced from midnight on Friday night, I panicked somewhat.

Up until that point I’d been rolling along satisfactorily- quite enjoying the ability to wander about the city unhindered, all the while attempting to stay two metres distant from everyone I encountered on my travels. All was going well. Obviously joggers were a problem – this activity seems to attract a selfish type of person, who runs along expecting everyone to move out of their way. Not everyone for sure, but dickish behaviour is quite commonplace among the jogging community, The attitude seems to be ‘I’m jogging, therefore I am not obliged to make any effort to socially distance myself.’ If any joggers are reading this then I implore you not to be a tosser – the obligation to keep two metres from everyone is your responsibility just as much as it is the person who is walking – and more so if you are overtaking someone else.

The restrictions announced on Friday were more onerous. People were banned from going outdoors – with some strictly enforced exceptions. You were allowed out if you need to get to work. That doesn’t apply to me – I have been exercising corporate ruthlessness from home for weeks already. I am exaggerating my administrative job, I admit, but I need to keep myself entertained while I isolate. You are also allowed out to get food or medicine or booze – unusually, but probably quite sensibly alcohol is regarded as an essential foodstuff during these troubled times. Lastly you are allowed out on a singular occasion per day for brief exercise not traveling a distance more than 2 kilometres from your home.

These new restrictions upset me greatly. I would adhere to them for sure as I try to be a good citizen.  When you live alone in a one bedroomed apartment however, getting outdoors for a stretch is important. It’s already been weeks since I’ve spoken face to face with a human other than a checkout assistant. Two kilometres from my house is no distance at all and takes the beautiful sea walks or interesting neighbourhoods out of my reach.

The new rules are in place until Easter Sunday. I think we all know that they are going to be in place for longer however. The current estimate for the peak of the infection diagnosis is predicted to be mid-April. Easter Sunday is April 12th. i am guessing mid-May as a more likely date for easing of the rules.

I was still rather glum when I woke up on Saturday morning. I went online and noticed a friend had posted the link to a website called This conveniently maps out a 2km radius from your house. It wasn’t as alarming as I ‘d thought, Even better no definition had been given for how long ‘brief exercise’ should last. A hour is brief, isn’t it? And so long as I stay within my zone, and distant from other people, I will be OK.

Saturday and Sunday saw me take an hour long walk again. I have a new route planned for this evening.  I am going to know inner city Dublin like the back of my hand by the time this corona-crisis is over.

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