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My application to become the new Minister for Agriculture.

Phil Hogan

I would like of officially nominate myself for consideration, as the new Minister for Agriculture, Food, and the Marine for Ireland. Granted I have not been elected to public office and have zero experience, but that should be no bar to success in this role. The ministry for agriculture is like a game of musical chairs – everyone should get a go

Dara Calleary

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Fianna Gael or Fine Fáil – the toxic twosome


I’ve been watching the hideous charade of Irish political posturing over the past fortnight since the general election. It is enough to make you feel nauseous. Fianna Fail and Fine Gael need to get the finger out and start their coalition talks in public, as the entire country knows that they are negotiating in the background already. These parties’ pretence that this is not happening is a charade, and insults the intelligence of the electorate. Continue reading Fianna Gael or Fine Fáil – the toxic twosome

Irish General Election 2020 – vote early; vote often


Ireland has a general election  on Saturday, February 8th. This will be the first time since I have been able to vote that I have missed one. Instead I shall be in Rome on a holiday I booked six months ago, long before the vote was a serious consideration. As Ireland only allows postal voting under very strict criteria – which I don’t meet – my choice is to either cancel my first trip to the Eternal City or to abstain. Abstention is my decision. Continue reading Irish General Election 2020 – vote early; vote often