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Back to school – for Murphy

I guess that by tomorrow all the schools will have reopened, and be fully operational for students of all ages. The five-year-olds’ not having a clue about how long education is going to last. The seventeen year olds facing into one of life’s more brutal experiences – the Leaving Cert. Regardless of the age of these students however, the personal impact on me, is easy to define – it will ┬ábe a very protracted journey to work tomorrow.

I was in Limerick over the weekend, visiting the Mammy. One of The Sisters was home as well. We were chatting about the psychodrama of the beginning of the school year,

I was then reminded of my very own first day of school, many decades ago. Will I ever forget it? More to the point, will my mother ever forget it? It is quite the story. Continue reading Back to school – for Murphy