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Theatrical: ‘A Christmas carol’ at the Gate


It’s the most wonderful time of the year at the theatre. When the aim of the show playing is not to educate the public, or to revolutionise the theatrical artform, but instead to please the masses with accessible, entertaining shows. Attending the theatre as often as I do, has shortened by patience for ‘brave’ or ‘groundbreaking’ works – despite the best intentions the results can be very lacklustre. Not so the Christmas shows – these tend to be long running productions that are required to appeal to a wide audience for extended runs. And to set the playhouse up with a healthy budget for the year ahead, no doubt? Having been impressed with the hilarious ‘Drama at Inish’ in the Abbey a few weeks ago, my expectations of the Dickens’ seasonal classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ at the Gate were high. Continue reading Theatrical: ‘A Christmas carol’ at the Gate