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Theatrical: ‘The Alternative’

Playing as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival ‘The Alternative’ is the new production by the Fishamble company. ‘The Alternative’ was the winner of the ‘A play for Ireland’ initiative by Fishamble – this was a two year artist development project for playwrights across the country. From 370 ideas and a short list of six, this play by Michael Patrick and Oisin Kearney has been selected as the chosen Play for Ireland. Continue reading Theatrical: ‘The Alternative’

Weekend with Murphy


The weekend began at 3pm on Friday when I left my office in the wastelands on foot. My destination was a palace of consumerism – the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. Anyone who knows me will be aware of my physical and psychological aversion to shopping. So you’d be forgiven for wondering why I’d choose to visit such a hellish place. Well The Mammy was in town for the day with The Sister, so we’d arranged to meet for coffee. They were only on a stop off at the shopping centre. Their final destination was the 7th Circle of Hell – also known as IKEA.  I hadn’t the slightest notion of entering that offensive Swedish maze with them. It is closer to my house however so I thought I’d avail of a lift. Upon arrival I bid farewell to the family and wandered towards the traffic. I spent about quarter of an hour meandering around the car park, before finally exiting the grounds of IKEA. I walked in the direction of town. Upon arrival at a bus stop I saw that the next vehicle was due in nineteen minutes. Even though it was dark and rainy I continued. A night-time stroll in Ballymun was a novelty for me. I had never been in Ballymun before. Once notorious for its crime-ridden tower blocks, it has recently been on a mission to spruce itself up. I was taken by the smell of chip fat in the air. Continue reading Weekend with Murphy

Theatre death-match: ‘Signatories’ versus ‘Eirebrushed’

The Olympia Theatre on Dame Street is currently hosting a play called ‘Signatories’. A show, written by eight Irish authors, comprising eight separate segments – with seven of them focusing on the signatories of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic, and one on Nurse Elizabeth O’Farrell, who delivered the rebels’ surrender at the failed 1916 Easter Rising. Continue reading Theatre death-match: ‘Signatories’ versus ‘Eirebrushed’