Theatrical: ‘God of carnage’ at Smock Alley Theatre

The play is set in the city home of wholesaler Michael (Keith Byrne) and Veronique (Alex McKenzie) who has just completed a book about Darfur. Their 11 year old son Bruno has lost two teeth after after an altercation with his classmate Ferdinand. Bruno’s parents lawyer Alan (Terry Kenny) and wealth manager Annette (Caroline Montgomery) 5have called round, to resolve the situation. What starts as an achingly polite and civilised conversation between the wealthy couples, quickly unravels into a chaotic evening of accusations, recriminations, insults, and alcohol. These characters are vicious, and the facade of respectability is soon discarded.

The actors play the characters with great relish, clearly revelling in the scathing script. The four actors give committed, convincing performances, and the tension is maintained throughout. It’s a funny play, that engages the audience throughout. One ,might argue that a fault of the piece is how unpleasant and unlikeable these character are. That’s the point however – as the play serves as an indictment of the venal lives and preoccupations of these wealthy, respectable people.

Produced by Firedoor Theatre and skilfully directed by Sarah Thunder, ‘God of carnage’ plays till Saturday at Smock Alley Theatres. Tickets can be purchased at the link below.


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