Lockdown cooking

  1. Sea bass fillet – original price €7.50 for two; yellow stickered to €3.66 for two.

Score the skin in several places. Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder and cook for three minutes in a lightly oiled pan at high heat. Flip and cook the other side for one minute. A few drops of lemon juice on top afterward. Serve with rice and stir-fried vegetables of choice flavoured with fish sauce.

  • Trout fillets – original price €6.80 for two; yellow stickered to €3.60 for two.

See recipe for sea bass above – don’t score the skin though. Alternatively wrap tightly in tin foil with lemon slices and bake for fifteen minutes.

  • Rabbit – sourced from FX Buckley Butchers on Moore Street. Ask the butcher to get it stew ready ie filleted and all internal organs removed and make a nice rabbit stew.
  • Venison steak – from the Lidl. Cook the same way you’d cook  a beef steak.
  • Roast goose – this is a special occasion meal that requires company if you want to avoid eating goose for a fortnight. Sourced in the deep freeze at Lidl for €20. Defrost for three days. Remove bag of giblets and make a gravy from them. Score the skin in several places to release the fat when roasting . Rub the skin with a mix of salt, pepper, Chinese five spice mix; orange and lemon peel. Stuff the bird with halved oranges and lemons. Place in an oven dish with an elevated grate (to capture the fat in which you roast the spuds and vegetables. Roast on oven for the time indicated on packaging.
  • Duck legs – original price €6.50 for two; yellow stickered to €2.70 for two. Roast in oven for forty minutes. Serve with spuds and vegetable and chicken gravy.
  • Honduran prawns – original price €4.50; yellow stickered to €1.60. Stir fry until pink; add vegetables and sauce of choice. Serve with noodles. I will never cook these again as stir-fried rubber is unappetising.
  • Scallop bakes – original price €12.50 for two; yellow stickered to €3.45 for two. Remove packaging. Place in oven for 30 minutes. Serve
  • Salmon fillet – original price of €15.00 for a bag of five; yellow stickered to €6 for the bag. Chop a load of vegetables of choice and put tin foil. Place salmon fillet – seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a drizzle of olive oil on top of the vegetables. Seal the tinfoil and bake for thirty minutes. Squeeze a lemon on top. Serve with rice.
  • Hot and spicy chicken wings – remove packaging. Eat

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