All along the banks of the Royal Canal – maintaining the power of the Church

On the second Saturday of every month I volunteer with a group that cleans up the Royal Canal. We pick up rubbish on the banks, and in the water of the canal. Dublin City Council has no responsibility for the hygiene or maintenance of either of Dublin’s canals – the northside Royal Canal or the southside Grand Canal. Both these waterways fall under the remit of Waterways Ireland, which relies almost entirely on the efforts of volunteers for rubbish collection. There is not a single dustbin kept in the sections controlled by Waterways Ireland. As I am a frequent walker along the banks, I decided that it was my duty as a civic minded person to throw on a stylish pair of overalls and a hi-viz jacket once a month and contribute to the upkeep of these lungs of Dublin.

Today marked my fifth consecutive month volunteering. In pre-pandemic times it was quite a social activity with many people participating. Since lockdown this has changed and it has become a more solitary endeavour. I possess my own litter picker; refuse sacks and gloves however, so company – while nice – is not essential to complete the task at hand.

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2 thoughts on “All along the banks of the Royal Canal – maintaining the power of the Church

  1. Fair play to you and all the volunteers
    I do a good bit of clean ups and litter picking where I live along Carpenterstown Road, College Road and Whites Road down to the Phoenix Park. Now I have been doing it for years, but litter levels in 2020 and into 2021 have definitely increased, although lately seems to have tailed off
    It is so frustrating to pick up cans and bottles and to seem how quickly they repeat, often within hours. I think Tidy Town Groups and Clean Up Groups like your own should be strongly pushing for the introduction of the Deposit Returm Scheme as I believe it would eliminate some of the litter
    Keep up the good work, while frustrating, it is rewarding

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