Theatrical: ‘Two minutes’ by Breda McCann at the Civic


On Tuesday night I made my first visit of the week to my old homeplace of Tallaght to see a play at the Civic Theatre. The show I was attending is called ‘Two Minutes’ by Breda McCann, which is running all week at the Civic Studio (the upstairs black box space that has been the laboratory for much great theatre – including ‘Class’ which I saw in its updated form in the main space last year).

‘Two minutes’ is a comedy that tells the tale of Billy and Trisha, who after seven years of marriage have decided to try for a child. The only problem is that – despite their best efforts – it’s not happening. As a result they are undergoing IVF treatment. Trisha is following Dr. Redmond’s instructions religiously – doing yoga, and being at one spiritually and mentally with her body. Billy on the other hand is more focused on the performance of his 5-a-side football team and sneaking Chinese takeaways into his new IVF-friendly steamed fish and organic rice diet.

It’s a story of a couple trying to start a family that is told in an amusing and engaging manner. The actors playing Billy (Wayne Leitch) and Trisha (Breda McCann – who is also the writer) have a good chemistry, and convincingly portray a couple facing the possibility of childlessness despite their dreams of parenthood. The barbs and accusations they throw at each other don’t come from a place of malice – the couple obviously love each other but are under a lot of stress.  The actors both fine performers with good comic timing.

The script is tight and funny and the audience clearly roots for the pair as they undergo the arduous and invasive process of IVF.

So will they or won’t they have a child?

I won’t give any spoilers. I will reveal however that the title of the play is a description of Billy’s bedroom prowess. And there is a particularly moving monologue towards the end of the play by Trisha, as she reflects on her situation.

Directed by Audrey Devereux, and running until Saturday at the Civic Studio in Tallaght, ‘Two minutes’ is a very funny play that’s well worth seeing. Recommended.




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