My temper tantrum


The big green bus from Dublin to Limerick departs every thirty minutes from Burgh Quay in Dublin city centre. En route to Limerick, it stops to pick up passengers at Red Cow; KIldare and then on to Arthur’s Quay in Limerick. I used to take this bus quite regularly when it cost ten euro for a single ticket. In the past year the price has increased to 15 euro. As it often possible to acquire a train ticket for cheaper, I’ve switched my allegiance to the train.

Well I discovered yesterday that Limerick is celebrating Open House this weekend, where grand old buildings normally off limits, are open to the public. I went online to check for travel options. In this instance it looked like the big green bus was the best option in terms of finances.

The big green bus departs for Limerick every 30 minutes. Then it proceeds onward to either Tralee or Ennis. People going to either of these towns can avail of a bus from Dublin on an hourly basis/

The bus departed at 4.30pm. It was almost full. When it reached the Red Cow on the edge of Dublin, there were only nine seats available. Many more passengers apparently wanted to travel. I was seated at the front of the bus close to the driver.

She boarded with her ticket in her hand.

‘I’m sorry, but this is a ticket for Ennis. I am going to Tralee’ said the driver.

‘No that’s OK, I will change and take the Ennis bus from Limerick’ said the woman with an air of condescension in her nasal voice. I peered over to have a peek. She sounded like a bit of a dose. She had dark hair; was in her early forties and had a pinched little face with a protruding neck.

‘I am afraid this ticket will not be valid to take you to Ennis from Limerick.’

‘Your website says differently’ she insisted.

‘I can give you the number for the duty manager if you are not happy. The Ennis bus will be along in 20 minutes. You can take that one.’

‘I will travel on this bus, as your website permits me.’

‘Madam there are several people waiting to travel to Tralee. They take priority over you.  They have valid tickets. You are not traveling on this bus.’

‘I most certainly am.’

Back and forth it went. On and on. For about fifteen minutes. The passengers waiting behind her looked furious. The driver looked frustrated but remained calm.

Almost simultaneously the woman in the seat opposite me, and my good self  spoke to her.

‘For heaven’s sake, you are delaying fifty people from getting home.’

‘No I am not,’ she replied.

‘We are all waiting to get home.’

Tutting and grumbling she stepped back. The bus admitted nine passengers. It was full.

She boarded again and insisted she be placed in the emergency seat.

She had broken the driver’s spirit.

We reached Limerick. I disembarked and retriever my suitcase.

There she stood, beside me. Her face in a scowl of displeasure.

‘I hope you’ve gotten over your bout of temper’ she said to me.

I am not particularly proud of my reaction, but I saw red.

I actually hissed at her, before turning on my heel and flouncing off in the other direction.





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