Our first audience: ‘Mother’s little treasure’


Today was the official ‘get in’ day to the theatre – the day which we can start preparing the theatre – the backstage; the sound and light desks; the prop desk etc. And have a few run throughs on stage before the tech and dress rehearsal on Monday. All in anticipation of the main event – opening night on Tuesday.

As anyone living in Dublin is aware, the Pope in his wisdom chose today to throw a mass in the Phoenix Park. As a result, town was on lockdown, with the entire city centre and public transport system shut for the day. The sound and lighting technicians as well as 1 cast member could not therefore make it to the theatre. However, with four out of five cast members available as well as myself and the stage manager, I thought it wise to utilise the day productively for a few run throughs.

I am a versatile individual, and a triple threat today – sound technician; lighting technician as well as my day job of writer-director. The stage manager would stand in for the actor.

The first run through was a very stop/start process. As it is our first-time rehearsing in the theatre, with all the set and equipment we needed to get a feel for the place, as well as block and time the scene changes. The sound and lighting weren’t overly complicated, so my nerves weren’t too shot.

Run-through complete we headed out for a lunchtime burrito. We required sustenance. We had another full run-through to complete. This time in front of our first outside audience members. One of the cast members had visitors from Belgium in town. As they would not be here for the actual run, we thought it would be a clever idea to get some feedback.

The second run-through was without stoppage. It went well to my eyes.

The audience enjoyed it, and this was a great relief.

Tomorrow night is the proper tech and dress rehearsal with everyone present. At that point my job is effectively over as I hand over control of my play to the immensely talented cast and crew.

‘Mother’s Little Treasure’ runs opens on Tuesday 28th August and runs until Saturday 1st September. It is showing at the Pearse Centre, 27 Pearse Street, Dublin 2 (beside the Trinity City hotel). Showtime is 8pm. Doors open at 7.30pm. Tickets cost €15 and are available on the door or at the link.

Don’t miss it.

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