The silence of the leopards


I am sitting in my apartment, with the balcony door open, listening to the silence. It is quite surreal. I live in a block of flats that is beside a busy road with constant traffic from about 6am to 10pm each day. It never bothers me – traffic is noise that can be blocked out. It is only noticeable when it is absent. I first noticed this during one of those climate change storms last year when work was cancelled because of hurricane style winds. I ignored Met Office advice and ventured outside to locate a shop to buy an emergency supply of Jammy Dodgers. The vacant streets, the lack of cars and buses was quite memorable.

The silence today is not caused by inclement weather. The Pope is in town and at this very moment he is sitting in a cathedral less than a mile from my house. I watched his progress through my neighbourhood – from Summerhill to Sean McDermott Street to Marlborough Street to the pro-Cathedral. I was vaguely tempted to venture out to witness the atmosphere for myself. Then I reminded myself that I am an atheist, who dislikes crowds, so I decided to watch from my sitting room on the television.

I guess that the silence outside means that I am living in an area where the roads are closed. It is very eerie.

Thankfully I have transported all the props and set pieces to the Pearse Centre for the official ‘get in’ tomorrow. Because tomorrow is the main papal event – mass in the Phoenix Park – town will be in absolute lockdown as the faithful gather in the park; and the protestors gather at the Garden of Remembrance.

The sultry cast and crew of ‘Mother’s Little Treasure’ will be treading the boards, to prepare for the Tuesday debut of the full-length version of ‘Mother’s little treasure’ – a tawdry tale of a vengeance, fury and IKEA home furnishings.

I wonder should I have invited the Pope. He is no stranger to a tasteful gown. Maureen Moore could give him some helpful hints on introducing a splash of leopard-print to his vestments.

Tickets are on sale at the link, or on the door on the night.

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