Theatrical: ‘Mother’s little treasure’

Yesterday was the final rehearsal in the studio for my looming play ‘Mother’s Little Treasure’. Next weekend is the get-in to the theatre. When the fun and frolics begin in earnest. As luck would have it Dublin is on total lockdown next weekend as the Pope is in town. He’ll be doing two gigs – one in the Phoenix Park for half a million faithful; and the other in Croke Park for 80,000 people. The entire city centre is shut from about 8am on Saturday morning, until midnight on Sunday night. Highly inconvenient for an atheist trying to carry the set for a play, to a theatre for a Tuesday premiere.

 We are a resourceful group however. My apartment is in the city centre, as is the theatre. Already the equipment is stockpiling in my tastefully appointed residence, for ease of movement on Sunday.

 I’m starting to feel properly nervous now. I love the play and think the cast is simply marvellous. Then again I wrote it, cast it and am directing it. My perspective might not be the most neutral. I wrote a play that I thought I’d enjoy if I was to see it as a neutral observer. A play with melodrama; conflict; streaked fake tan and leopard-print. Being a nervous Nelly I am only momentarily soothed by reassurances that everything will be hilarious. The cast is amazing. That’s not up for debate. Therefore if the audience doesn’t enjoy it, then it’s the fault of either the writer or the director.

 I am comforted by the fact that on the two previous outings of the terrific trio, they were warmly received and popular characters.

 Maureen Moore (the leopard-print lady played by Dympna Heffernan); Carol Delaney (the vinegar-lipped one played by Geraldine Crowley) and Rosario Torrejon (the devious one played by Marta Callava) are joined by two other characters in the full length version. I can’t reveal who the two new characters are, so as not to reveal too much information to anyone who has seen the earlier chapters of the play. The new characters are played by Alan O’Connell and Paul Clarke.

I can say however that orange is the new leopard-print.

 We run from Tuesday 28th August until Saturday 1st September in the Pearse Centre. Showtime is at 8pm. Doors open at 7.30pm. Tickets can be bought on the door or through the link on this Facebook event page..



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