The return of ‘Mother’s Little Treasure’


In February 2017, Firedoor Theatre held one of their successful ‘Uncut’ evenings at the Pearse Centre in Dublin. This is a regular showcase event where writers, actors, directors are given a platform to try out material. If you have written a piece then you can stage it. A particular monologue you’ve always wanted to try out in front of an audience – well here is your opportunity.

The submissions for inclusion in the February event had been made the previous December. I had just submitted my script for ‘An unexpected party[‘ to the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. The trouble with festivals is that they are a shot in the dark. You have no idea whether your idea is going to land safely and be accepted.

As a diversion while waiting, I thought I would write a light hearted, short play for inclusion in the February showcase. The result was a piece called ‘Mother’s Little Treasure’ – a tawdry tale of a leopard-print clad, middle aged woman called Maureen Moore. Maureen is a woman with deep notions about her place in the world. According to herself she is a bedrock of her Raheny community, and her garish, animal print wardrobe is the height of elegance ‘Leopard-print CAN be tasteful when used subtly’ as she would say herself. There is a fly in the ointment of her perfect life however – her not so perfect, white-collar criminal son Gary. One evening as Maureen sits, putting the world to rights with her devious friend Carol, the doorbell rings. If it isn’t Rosario – Gary’s girlfriend who hails from the exotic shores of Spain. What is Rosario up to? Why is she looking for Gary’s passport?

Trouble is afoot. What better woman than Maureen Moore (and her venomous sidekick Carol) to get to the root cause of Rosario and Gary’s shenanigans.

I directed the piece myself. Audiences seemed to enjoy it. So much so, that by the time of the next showcase in August (after the success of ‘An unexpected party’ in the theatre festival in May) I decided that the Leopard-print ladies deserved a sequel. ‘Mother’s Little Holiday’ was born, and was also successful.

Fast forward to this year. I was struggling with a new (as yet incomplete) script. I decided to take a break from it, to revisit Carol, Maureen and Rosario. As these are characters that I already know, it is quite easy to pick up from where I left off. Before long I had a working draft of the full length play. Feedback was sought from the cast (who know the characters as well as I do, seeing as they inhabit them on stage). Edits were performed. Further feedback was requested. Further edits were completed.

Now we are in the final stages of rehearsal.

Yes indeed. From August 28th to August 31st inclusive, in the Pearse Centre, we will be performing the debut of the full length play of ‘Mother’s Little Treasure’. It is a tale of Raheny and revenge; leopardprint and Tenerife; and a mother’s delusional love for her layabout son . It will be my debut directing a full play (that I have written myself – no pressure on me then.)

The cast is re-assembled – Dympna Heffernan (as Maureen Moore); Geraldine Crowley (as Carol Delaney); Marta Callava (as Rosario Torrejon) as well a couple of mysterious new faces.

It will be an epic tale of tacky glamour and vinegar lipped refinement.

You can get your tickets at the LINK.

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