Limerick by night


This coming weekend, I am planning a trip to Limerick – my first in three months. The last weekend before I am potentially soiled (for life!) by my civic duty in the Irish court system. As my final weekend of innocence approaches I am thinking about what silly scrapes and jolly japes I can engage in over these days.

On Friday and Saturday in the Belltable Theatre is a play called ‘The importance of nothing’ by Pan Pan Theatre. I saw this play in November 2016, and as far as I can recall it was a very enjoyable show – at least according to the blog post I wrote about it at the time. Although if I am being honest, when I read that blog post it only rang a few bells. My memory of the play is pleasant, but please don’t ask me to recall specifics. I am contemplating a repeat visit. The Belltable Theatre is an icon of Limerick so it would be a good choice for an evening of solitary entertainment.

On the theatre scene the other show this weekend is ‘The Field’ by John B. Keane in the Lime Tree Theatre on Friday evening. This is a noble venue – which thanks to the fact that I have only lived in Limerick for three consecutive months in the past 21 years – I have only visited once, when I saw ‘Language Unbecoming a Lady’ by Myles Breen there, during my three months sojourn home in 2015.

‘The Field’ is an Irish classic. It might be worth checking out – however owing to the fact that the film version was on the tellybox over Christmas – it might too soon to go see it again. A decision can be made later however.

As I will be enjoying the evening in my own company, a nightclub or a pub is not an option for my amusement. I lack the social skills (or the inclination) to befriend total strangers in those situations. Therefore the only option for such a venue is place with a live music gig happening at the same time. I can happily live with that – I go to gigs to listen to the music – not to talk. On Saturday in Dolans there is a Fleetwood Mac covers band – cleverly called Mack Fleetwood. This sounds like it might be enjoyable.

Upstairs in Dolans on the same night is a band called Crazytown – a rap / rock group who had a few hits at the turn of the century. I remember the video to their hit ‘Butterfly’ on MTV and having impure thoughts about the lead singer. Although it might be wiser to leave those memories alone – that was twenty years ago and judging by his repeated participation in reality shows like ‘Celebrity Rehab’ (season 1 and 2) and ‘Sober House (seasons 1 and 2), perhaps his youthful beauty might have faded.  I am deeper than a mere puddle though so I should not pre-judge.

There doesn’t appear to be any shows on in the university concert hall this weekend so that is ruled out.

Daytime will involve a walk – possibly from town to the University. Or perhaps some culture – the Limerick Gallery of Art is inevitable. Perhaps a wander through the Hunt Museum or King John’s Castle. If I am feeling adventurous maybe further afield? Ennis?

If anyone from Limerick (or its environs) can think of any other events happening this weekend then do let me know.

It’s good to go out.


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