Mental babblings of a malcontent commie.


This post is just a series of random thoughts, strung together in a haphazard way – I may feel different tomorrow.

I have an admission to make though – I never read news about American politics or American gun massacres.

I am aware that Donald Trump is the US president, but apart from what I glean from the headlines in newspapers or online news sources. I have absolutely no deeper interest in his policies or presidency. This disengagement from reading about American politics had started a few years before the grotesque 2016 presidential race. It all seemed so pointless. American politics is so candidate driven, and so poisonously vicious that it would give you a hernia to read too much about it. Imagine a country that elects a reality TV star to lead the country?

All the while it is a 2 party system, and uses such a primitive first past the post system of election (alongside the electoral college) that makes it is virtually impossible for a new party to form or gain electoral seats.

In all the major events of the past two centuries – the American Civil War, women gaining the vote; two world wars; a civil rights movement – the same two parties maintain their stranglehold on the fake US democracy. That just seems odd.

These days, both parties seem to be owned lock, stock and two smoking barrels by corporations and banks and owe their continued existence to these vile entities. There might be some cosmetic differences between the parties on social wedge issues – abortion; homosexuality; immigration etc. But the idea that capitalism itself has now failed the country, and has made the US one of the least socially mobile countries in the world is regarded as commie extremism.

The lie persists that 22 year olds entering the workplace burdened with a quarter of a million dollars in college debt, have a bright future.

The idea that it is vile and evil to allow insurance and pharmaceutical companies make billions in private profit from people’s health problems; is regarded in the same way as worshiping Satan is.

The idea that everyone should have equal opportunity is ignored.

The notion that the government needs to strictly regulate banking and corporations, and that they need to be taxed at fair rate is viewed as Stalinesque.

Yet somehow the two parties that allowed this to happen and who can never be replaced, are trusted to fix this? Don’t make me laugh.

So I tuned out. Is Donald Trump worse than Hillary Clinton? Indubitably. Was Hillary Clinton going to regulate the banks and corporations; make them pay their fair share of tax and provide universal healthcare; force companies to pay a living wage and allow students exit university without a lifetime of debt to pay? Absolutely not.

The policy of making everyone entirely responsible for themselves, regardless of their health or age, without any sort of collective safety net is spreading to Ireland. The Fine Gael government is engaged in a campaign to normalise homelessness and house evictions.

Then we have the weekly gun massacres in the US. Performed by US citizens who are allowed to wander into a shop to buy weapons of mass destruction, and then annihilate their fellow citizens; and the refusal of the US government to address this, is probably a very obvious example of the major identity crisis the US is now facing as a country.

The 2nd Amendment to the US constitution permitted people to own weapons, three hundred years ago. In 2018 the 2nd Amendment is clearly no longer fit for purpose and is now simply a horrible excuse for vile people to own murder weapons, and to enable lunatics to commit massacres. In schools, in kindergartens, in nightclubs, at home, in supermarkets, at concerts.

I don’t read the details of these massacres. What’s the point. There will be another one next week. And nothing will be done. When the Sandy Hook massacre happened and nothing was done to restrict gun control, I tuned out.

You reap what you sow. The call to arm teachers to prevent future school murder is so asinine, so offensively and deliberately stupid that it would make you despair.

So I tune out.

The urgent need for change is ignored. as certain big business doesn’t seem to want it to happen.

Despite being nice in theory, socialism doesn’t work in practice.

So what is the alternative to neo-liberal, free-market capitalism? Because this has clearly failed?

Answers on a postcard please.

1 thought on “Mental babblings of a malcontent commie.

  1. I share your pessimism about the state of the U.S. and the (long term) detrimental effects of capitalism/Thatcherism/Reaganism in general but I also have a flicker of hope. The reaction to Trump is what gives me hope. The way he inundates the world with hate and ignorance every day is pushing people to the breaking point and people are actually organizing themselves and taking action. Hence the highly attended women’s marches in Washington, currently teenagers in Florida speaking out and rallying, anti-racist demonstrations, etc.. The U.S. independent press actually functions (and check out how late night talkshow hosts dissect the news and Trump’s lies on a daily basis). Prominent talkshow hosts like Jimmy Kimmel have never been so overtly political and actually influence viewers and politicians on subjects like making healthcare available for children. It’s not ideal and it may not be enough but all is not lost yet.

    I could write an entire manifesto on how I think the U.S. should reorganise itself on every level but there would still be people voting for someone like Trump because they don’t believe in facts, they believe in people who lie to them about money trickling down like fairydust if only millionaires pay less taxes. The U.S. has always sold an image of itself that never was the reality. I can’t fix that. But we can all do our share in our own country to try and stop the capitalist/right wing extremist deluge. By voting, for one thing. France chose Macron instead of Le Pen. Similar things happened in other countries. And you write your blog and people read it and think about it. Maybe it’s not the grand gesture/change that is needed, but it counts for something. Political decisions from the 1980s are still effecting us now so maybe who we vote into office next election may just have the same kind of long term impact.


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