Calling airport security – there’s a rogue passenger on the loose.

Check out from my apartment was at midday. My flight was not until 7.30pm. That was a long time to be hauling a rucksack around on my back. With the deviousness of a fox, I walked to the Museum of Liverpool, and availed of the storage lockers – for one pound. I know these are meant for museum visitors. However I had visited the museum some days earlier. Today was Monday – a quiet day so there were plenty available. No harm intended or caused.

Afterward I went to the Mersey Ferry Terminal. I love being on the water and having several hours to explore I decided that a ferry across the Mersey was essential. I had done this trip twenty years earlier and knew that it would be enjoyable. The boat sails from Liverpool on the Mersey river over to Seacombe on the Wirral peninsula; then onward to Woodside.  A narrator explained the history of the port, and the sights visible to us. I disembarked at the Woodside in Birkenhead, and walked to Hamilton Square in the town centre to witness a square comprised fully of Grade 1 listed buildings – only Trafalgar Square in London has more, in the entire UK.

Back to the Woodside terminal to see the ‘U-Boat Story’ exhibtion. The U-354 – a German u-boat sunk (sunk even more I mean, it was already underwater) in the last days of World War 2 has been reassembled in parts and is open to the public. The u-boats were built to attack ships carrying supplies to the Allies, and were a terrifying threat to seafarers. It looked like the residents of these underwater attackers were not living lives of comfort.

Back in Liverpool I returned to the museum and explored the railway history of Liverpool. I collected by bag from the locker and headed to the bus.

Upon going through check in at the John Lennon International Airport, I discovered that the battery on my phone was dead. The phone on which my boarding pass was stored. I asked the guard if I could charge my phone at his booth. Well what other choice did I have. I didn’t want to pay the forty quid Ryanair charges you to check in at the airport desk. He looked at me askance but allowed me ten minutes at his plug.

He must have called ahead to X-ray baggage check, as when I reached those guys I was instantly pulled aside for a full body search. I do not enjoy strange men exploring my groin area in these circumstances. I was mortified.

Upon completion of the search – where of course nothing was found, I staggered to the waiting area. My phone was at 2% battery – not enough to last the hour before boarding when the boarding card would need to be shown again. I search high and low, but not a plug socket was to be found. With one exception – the area for passengers who required special assistance. People in wheelchairs I mean. There was no-one in the cordoned off area, so it is not like I was inconveniencing anyone by sneaking in and plugging in my charger.

If I was approached by staff I had a marvelous excuse ready – although not personally in need of assistance, my phone certainly was.

Luckily I was ignored by all except a few people passing in wheelchairs who gave me looks of curiosity. Inwardly I was screaming apology, while averting my eyes.

After about half an hour the phone was back at 40%. That would have to do.

Casually I unplugged my device, made my way to the gate and boarded without incident.

I had a horrible suspicion that I was going to be hauled off the plane for crimes against airports. Luckily no such thing happened.

Home again after my wonderful trip to Liverpool.




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