Shannon Banks


Christmas was gluttonous. Some exercise was needed. What better way to stretch one’s legs, while communing with nature, than a canal walk from the city, to where the canal joins the river, and onward to the University of Limerick, along the banks of the River Shannon.

I’ve done this walk before. Very pleasant it is too. This canal / river walk has always existed. However in recent years the powers that be have spruced up the pathway, repaved it, cut back some of the hedges, painted the fences, installed some bicycle lanes and transformed it into a hidden gem in the life of the city. Perhaps it is busier during the summer, but today it was mainly humans taking their canine owners for a walk.

I was slightly surprised by the agility of the graffiti artists who had defaced the side of the first bridge we passed. How did they reach that angle to scrawl their message? Their message was clear.


I shall bear that in mind.

It is about four kilometres from town to the university. We left the riverside trail upon arrival at the university to explore the campus (i.e. to find the facilities).

I went to college here. I was taken aback by how the university has grown and developed since my departure. Very impressive.

We returned to town via the same route and as we reached the car, I noted with smug satisfaction that thus far we had walked eleven kilometres that day.

I bade farewell to my companions and headed towards the city centre. I had my 2018 clothes shopping to complete. Having cunningly requested vouchers for the same shop as my Christmas gift, from my entire family, coupled with the fact that the January sales are in progress, with some careful analysis I should be able to complete my annual clothing consumption in one fell swoop. In the space of fifteen minutes I had acquired two pairs of shoes, a pair of trousers, two shirts and a jumper. Having already been gifted with a jumper as a festive gift, along with a sneaky purchase of two pairs of Penneys’ finest denims, I am sorted sartorially for the year ahead.

Normally I would not waste as much time as a quarter of an hour on clothes shopping, but I was delayed by trying on the trousers. I needn’t have bothered as they fit me fine.

Feeling stressed and disoriented – as I frequently do after shopping – I repaired to the Limerick Gallery of Art for some cultural sustenance.

As is always the case when attending an art exhibition I hadn’t the foggiest notion what any of it meant. Nevertheless it was soothing.

Home again, waiting for dinner, my next micro-dilemma will be to decide which of my new shirts to wear to The 4 of Us’ concert in Dolans tonight.

Sure I’ve little to worry about really.

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