Tech rehearsal


‘The Lover’s Guide to Losing Your Mind’ by Firedoor Theatre, opens on Tuesday, at the Teachers’s Club.

Today was get-in to the theatre. This deeply technical term means that we were handed the keys to the space, and granted permission to run amok, to prepare the magic that creates a live show.

I am crew on this production, so I made sure to look suitably butch and knowledgeable, while wandering about pretending I knew what I was doing.

This day is always a touch chaotic. The actors have been rehearsing for weeks, in a clean, bright, rented rehearsal room. The phrase ‘we’ll practice that when in the theatre.’ is used on occasion.

Only when you gain access to the theatre do you realise how individual each one is. With its own nooks, crannies, benefits and obstacles.

While the lighting folk were sorting out the stage wash, I was lumbering about, like a graceless hippo, trying to erect the big black curtain. This is a special black curtain – it is multi-functional. I won’t reveal what it does – you’ll have to see the show for its secrets to be revealed.

The reality of live theatre is how dark everything is backstage. It’s also quite an intimate space. The set changes are stored here. The actors are stored here – waiting for their moment to go out into the light. The props are stored here. The potential for catastrophe is ample.

Which is why you do a tech and dress rehearsal of course.

It’s essential to train for the main event. That tray full of pints, might be knocked over in the dark. What is Plan B in that situation? How do you make sure that each cast member is in position, with all the right props at the exact moment it is needed? How do you ensure that each set change is done in an accurate manner, in a minimal amount of time? In the dark? In a very tight space.

Well that’s the magic of theatre. You can’t prepare for every eventuality. But you can make sure you have enough masking tape, and safety pins. You hope for the best. And you just know, that somehow you’ll muddle through.

That said, today’s tech rehearsal was fairly successful.

This will be a good run, of a very fine play.

Running from Tuesday, 5th December to Saturday, 9th December in the Teachers’ Club, on 36 Parnell Square at 8pm, you can buy your tickets for ‘The Lovers’ Guide to Losing your Mind’ on the door. Or at this LINK. 

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