Announcing .. the knights of the Netherlands


I spoke earlier in the week, about my disdain for the month of November. How its dreary drudgery saps all my energy and hope, thanks to its sullen announcement of winter.

Well in a surprising turn of events the final week of November looks like being an action packed and fun-filled time.

Why, you may be wondering?

Well the knights of the Netherlands are galloping into town, sequentially, over the next six days.

This evening I have a first time visitor, whose specific reason for being in Ireland is to see me. Which is always lovely. In a convenient turn of events he arrives at 7.45pm, which gives me oodles of time to do an intense apres-work hoover of the house. He has been to Ireland previously but this is his inaugural visit to my good self.

I have a number of activities semi-planned. Potentially the Guinness Storehouse tomorrow. This is Ireland’s most popular tourist destination. I have been there once previously, but that was over twenty years ago. Perhaps it is time for a revisit?

On Sunday I am going to jail – Kilmainham Gaol to be more precise. To once again be reminded of the misery and solemnity and hunger of Ireland’s historical suffering, under the yoke of foreign tyranny over the centuries. This may be a wonderful country, but if you are looking for historical happiness and bounteous wealth, then Ireland is probably not the place for you.

Famine, oppression, squalor, depression, pain and sorrow are more our historical cups of unsweetened tea.

On Sunday evening my guest departs. As he is taking to the skies, a different friend will be landing. He arriving from Amsterdam for a work conference. It all sounds very high-powered and corporate, therefore requiring huge shoulder-pads. However I will be the slovenly antidote to that capitalistic carry on. He is in town until Tuesday and will be staying as a guest in my well-appointed abode. We may need to go for a beverage on one of the evenings.

On Monday evening one of the visitors from a few weeks ago is returning for a three day last minutework conference. My friends are so executive. This ought to make me feel like an ungainly heap. However as I lack the gene that determines corporate career ambition, I feel fine.

As there in a one night overlap, this final guest will be staying at an inn on the Monday night – my house is perfectly comfortable when hosting a singular guest. More than that is slightly problematic. He will stay with me on Tuesday and Wednesdays however. It just so happens that these overlapping guests know each other so I must try to coordinate a rendezvous.

As it’s November – when misery is my companion – I was recently engulfed by maudlin self-pity. I was feeling mighty sorry for myself  over how seldom I receive guests from the old country. The coming week promises to rectify that perception.

There won’t be a blog post for a while, I suspect. I’ll be occupied by the serious business of entertaining.

Oh wat leuk!!!

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