The play begins tomorrow.

The play that I wrote – ‘An unexpected party’ – begins tomorrow. It’s part of the 14th International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival.AUP
It’s a dark comedy about the impact of a tragic event on the survivors of that event.
Niall has left.

His flatmate Declan (who is played by yours truly) decides a little reunion is appropriate.

Unknown to his new flatmate Aoife (Dympna Heffernan), he invites Niall’s ex-boyfriend Andrew (Benjamin Musgrave), and Niall’s twin sister Karen (Lesley Ann Reilly) for Saturday evening drinks.

Karen and Andrew have not seen each other since Niall died. They both blame the other for his departure. However neither of them knows that the other has been invited to this little soiree.

Karen arrives drunk. Andrew arrives with his new – younger – boyfriend Zach (Jack Beglin).

There are repercussions.

Why has Declan arranged this get together?
Why is Zach feeling triggered?
Why does Aoife threaten to slap Declan about the face with a wet haddock?

Come see this play if you are in Dublin. It won’t disappoint (well I hope not – I wrote it so I am prejudiced in favour of it obviously, but it’s getting a good response from the carefully selected rehearsal audience).

It’s directed by Brian Quinn.

Running from May 1st to May 6th in the Teachers’ Club at 36 Parnell Square.
Showtime is at 9pm each evening (with a 4pm matinee on Monday and Saturday).

Book your tickets at


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