1 year old today

This little blog began on this date last year.

The first post appeared just after midnight on the 15th of January, but as I couldn’t figure out which button to press to publish it, the correct launch date should have been today.
I’d been contemplating it for a while. I wanted to train my writing muscle, but also to record the mental chaos that comes with a major life move – such as changing country, city, job and house – which I was doing simultaneously.

It’s been an interesting journey. Sometimes a piece I am fond of barely gets noticed. Other times a throwaway article about a millennial lifestyle website (Lovin’ Dublin) seems to gain traction.

I don’t know who is reading it – just the numbers, and the countries in which it is viewed.

But thanks to whoever does – and you’re mainly based in Ireland and the Netherlands. No surprise there. Although a big shout out must go to whoever read it from Sudan, Qatar and Tonga.

Here’s to another year of blathering.

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