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Another post from my lunch-break at work. As it is early January, nothing of any interest is happening. I therefore have nothing remotely interesting to blog about. The mornings are dark and grim. The bus journey to my workplace in the seventh circle of hell is unremittingly dank. As it is the start of a new year, the tasks I have to perform are uninspiring and rather sparse on the ground – it will presumably revive towards the end of the month.

There is a sliver of consolation in this unrelenting time of year – the fleeting thoughts of the summer.

However as that is still only a pipe dream I need to seek solace elsewhere. One such location is in the newsfeed of my blog host. As readers will be aware this site is hosted by WordPress. I receive updates from the various blogs which I follow. One of which is called ‘Word of the day’. This site works on a simple premise. On a daily basis it provides a single random word, and invites its followers to write a post about said word.

Not a complicated idea, but seemingly a good way to increase blog traffic, as each blog about the chosen word is linked back to the original post, thereby exposing your own blog to hundreds of potential new readers.

As writing a blog is by its very nature a slightly (or largely) narcissistic act, then the larger the readership of one’s blathering the better. If you write a piece and stick it on the web for the world to see then this is not the act of a shy, retiring ego. If that were the case then you could simply keep a diary.

I had long been tempted to participate in this daily activity but had resisted. It seemed so silly when there was enough going on in my own life to keep writing about.

But as mentioned above, the first week of the new year is like purgatory – a dreary waitinf game. Waiting for January’s pay day. Waiting for daylight. Waiting for the year to start.

So yesterday I finally participated in this daily prompt game.

Today I repeat he exercise.

Can you guess the word? (Spoiler alert: it’s the title of this blog post).

Has my life really come to this?



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