Today, I fast.


That sounds melodramatic doesn’t it?

Very Angelina Jolie speaking to the UN Human Rights Commission, with her cheekbones that could slice bread.

Very Hare Krishna chanting at an airport.

Very Zen Buddhist.

Very ‘Today I am only eating orange food items to rebalance my inner child’s karma’.

Very ‘I am gluten intolerant except for superfoods sourced from indoor, streetfood eateries’.

Very ‘Crushed mungbeans rebalance my aura’.

Very ‘Can you me which farm this tinned spam comes from and whether it is organic?’

Very ‘Does this contain any nuts? Oh no I am not allergic to nuts but I like to give the impression that I am.’

Very Trocaire box. (in joke for Irish people).

The reality is less glamourous.

I left my insulin pen on my medical desk at home. And not having replaced the emergency pen I keep in my desk at work, I need to skip food until I get home.

Well not skip food entirely. I had a boiled egg for breakfast.

For lunch I can source a bowl of  insipid broth – or gruel as I like to call it.

On the plus side there are no carbohydrates in coffee, meaning I can have as much of that brown gold as I like.


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