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Since the announcement, late last year, that vaccines against Covid-19 had been developed by several companies, it’s been a waiting game. A torturous waiting game.

The supply issues, along with the third wave of infections, along with the bitter recriminations against the pharmaceutical companies and governments, along with always missed targets, have meant that the entire world has been on tenterhooks. All the while our hair grew longer, and holes appeared in our socks, as the never-ending Level 5 lockdown continued. The challenges were inevitable –  vaccinating a planet of seven billion people was never going to be an easy undertaking. The priority list – the older population in care homes and frontline healthcare workers excepted – changed week to week. News of corruption in vaccine rollout was headline news, as newspapers breathlessly reported on the scandal of a private hospital (that employs Leo Varadkar’s partner) vaccinating teachers at a private school, attended by the children of the CEO of the hospital. And we waited.

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