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Me against the Maltese window

malta window


The picture above is of a window box that is in widespread use across Malta. It is attached to the stone buildings. It allows people to sit, and observe the world go by. They are very pretty and popular across the island. There tends to be five or six windows in these window frames in total. One at each side; and three or four at the front. All can be opened. Continue reading Me against the Maltese window

Gozo – and beyond!


(Read about part 1 of the holiday HERE.)

I had commented to my friend how civilised Malta seemed for a holiday island. How respectable. How safe. How thoroughly elegant, despite the throngs of people everywhere you turned. On Thursday night I had a little rethink. We decided to take a promenade along the seafront as the Victorians preferred. As we are now more seasoned individuals it seemed like a classy thing to do. I was struck again by how built up it all seemed. Then again with so many people living in such a small space, what else can you expect? We dined in an Italian restaurant, run by a Croatian brother and sister, along the Maltese waterfront. Afterwards we went wandering. And ended up in the seventh circle of hell. A place called Paceville. Continue reading Gozo – and beyond!