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Failure: the driving test edition


I did not sleep well on Tuesday night. Well of course I didn’t – on Wednesday morning I had my inaugural driving test. Finally, at an age north of forty, I was going to attempt to get a license, to perform an activity , in which people young enough to be my children are legally allowed to engage. Continue reading Failure: the driving test edition

Review: The Airport Driving School

My driving test is looming.

I am nervous but hopeful (perhaps foolishly so) of the outcome.

I have recently started driving at times separate from my official driving lessons, after I was insured on a friend’s car. This has allowed me to gain some additional training.

When you are in attendance at the most expensive driving school in the land (a fact that I only discovered recently) then the frequency of lessons might not be often enough for the knowledge to ‘stick’ easily – as it’s costly to take too many lessons.

Pass or fail next week however, I would say it is unlikely that I will be attending any more lessons with the Dublin based Airport Driving School.

This is the cautionary tale of my experience with said school. Continue reading Review: The Airport Driving School