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Boycott Barry’s Tea


Update: 18.50, Tuesday 02 July
As expected Barry’s Tea has dropped its sponsorship of animal cruelty – due to the growing backlash. A good result – although their slowness in reaction is concerning, so to paraphrase their stock response ‘I am reviewing my boycott of their tea’.

When I lived in Amsterdam, I used to beg any visitors from home to bring me a box of Barry’s Tea whenever they would visit. Likewise I would always buy several months’ supply when visiting Ireland. The Dutch teabags were simply unfit for purpose – weak, feeble and hanging from a limp string – you’d need two for a decent mug of scald. Fripperies such as strings have no place on a teabag. Irish teabags had no such paraphernalia. Barry’s Tea were plain, square bags of goodness that you’d leave stew in a mug of boiling water for a couple of minutes, and you’d be rewarded with a drink of utter wonder – rich and soothing. If ever I was running low on supplies I would send an urgent missive home ‘Send Barry’s teabags’. Continue reading Boycott Barry’s Tea