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Men v women – why I will go straight to hell

When I get my driving license (whenever that may be – I have the test in a month, but I am well aware of how tricky it can be to pass, so I need to stay realistic) I do not ever want to get into breakfast discussions with colleagues, about the traffic on the way to work in the morning. I’ve just had the most mind-numbingly dull bowl of porridge, and boiled egg of my life – and these are not thrilling foodstuffs at the best of times.

This morning my breakfast companions were all male. I don’t want to engage in stereotypes about the sexes, and I am a firm believer in equal opportunity for everyone. However I have observed that there is a distinct difference in the topics of conversation over morning gruel, depending on whether you sitting with men or women. Continue reading Men v women – why I will go straight to hell


I am of a certain age.
I don’t have a driving license.
Until the age of 41 I had never sat behind the wheel of a car.
I lived in Amsterdam for 15 years.
You don’t actually need to drive in the Netherlands seeing as the public transport network is highly developed, regular and reliable.
Driving is bad for the environment.
I moved back to Dublin.
It takes me 75 minutes each day, each way to get to work.
On the few occasions I have gotten a lift, it takes me 40 minutes.
On a weekly basis that would save me six hours.
I started lessons.
I was not very good.
Slowly I started to improve.
I am still not very good though.
My brutally cruel driving instructor Attila roared at me on a regular basis.
When he was not on a toilet break.
I am not very good at dealing with criticism.
I persisted.
Attila applied for a driving test on my behalf.
I received confirmation of the date.
It is in November.

Hell’s bells.