Pandemic travels: On the omicron express with Irish Rail – December 2021

After my Christmas trip to Limerick, on the 28th of December I bid farewell to my family to catch my train back to Dublin. As is quite common this was not a direct train. I took the 15.55 from Limerick Colbert Station to Limerick Junction, from where at about 16.30 I would board my connection – the 15.25 from Cork’s Kent Station. Then onwards to Dublin Heuston. Upon arrival at the Junction (which I may have previously referred to as the groin of Ireland thanks to its singular lack of loveliness, and unending air of bleakness and despair – not forgetting the eternal rain of course) I saw the Cork train sitting at Platform 2. In just over ninety minutes I believed I would be back in the Big Smoke.

I boarded the Cork train in carriage E. Thankfully it didn’t seem too crowded. I had my book in my stylish manbag (‘The corrections’ by Jonathan Franzen). This trip would be brief, I thought to myself.

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2 thoughts on “Pandemic travels: On the omicron express with Irish Rail – December 2021

  1. I wouldn’t remotely fault the train leaving Cork as I imagine Irish Rail anticipated the line would be clear by the time you approached the Portlaoise area. What you could legitimately criticise is a failure (assuming that was case) to inform passengers of a potential delay ahead. This at least would give people a choice of making alternative arrangements.


    1. The 12.25 would have been stalled at Port Laoise for 90 minutes by the time the 15.25 even left Cork. The failure of Irish Rail to have a plan B inn case of such situation is its responsibility. It is unrealistic I think to ask passengers to make alternative arrangements at 15.20 as they arrive in Kent Station (or Colbert Station) for a trip to Dublin.


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