Living alone with Claire Byrne

Today was the last straw however. Byrne announced at the start of the show that there would be a segment about the challenges of living alone during lockdown. Interesting I thought. Finally a spotlight on the circumstances of a large section of the population who are expected just to get on with it, without complaint.

What followed was an offensive hot mess.

People in shared accommodation do not live alone. Claire Byrne might need to be told this. Flatmates may not be family or lovers, but they are human beings with whom many people share a home. People in house shares interact with these people every single day. Claire Byrne in her typical sliced-pan style greeted two panellists and asked them the really hard questions about living alone during the lockdown – namely how difficult dating is during a pandemic. How flatmates were a challenge.  I couldn’t believe my ears. They started whining about how their social lives were suffering. They also moaned about the struggle of students unable to attend college, being denied the opportunity to bond with their peers during this important life event. Those would be students living with their families right? Since when has living with your family meant living alone. What about those of us who actually live alone, and who can go for weeks only interacting with the checkout assistant in the supermarket from one end of the week to another.

It was all rather tragic and pathetic. This is a presenter who earns €250,000 a year of taxpayer money. We are being robbed. I consign the Today with Claire show to my dustbin of broadcasting travesties along with the achingly condescending Ryan Tubridy and the voice of the nation Joe ‘400,000 quid a year’ Duffy.

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