Day 25 The Coronavirus Diaries – my daily routine


As the lockdown continues, I have developed a routine for my weekdays. The fact that I am doing a full week’s work from home necessitates this. I have to be ready, alert and active by 9am each day, and remain focused until 5pm every evening. As I have nothing else to talk about at the moment, it seemed like a good time to record this wash, rinse, repeat cycle, for posterity.

My alarm goes off at 8am. A fist is raised from the depths of my pit and the plaintive cry of ‘Why? Why? Why?’ is heard from beneath the duvet. The snooze button is pressed on three occasions. At 8.30am I haul myself from bed and stagger to the bathroom for my morning ablutions. Showered and with my teeth brushed I make my way to the makeshift office corner and switch on my computer. Making my presence known to the corporate world. While I don’t have the slightest intention of starting work until 9am, it’s still wise to appear online, lest any slanderous allegations of idleness are directed in my direction.

I do a blood test, and inject my morning dose of fast acting Novorapid insulin. I take three slices of frozen, brown seeded sliced pan from the freezer behind my office seat and put it on a plate beside the microwave so it will have fully defrosted by lunchtime.

The kettle is filled and boiled, and the first cup of Azera instant americano is prepared – the first of many that morning.

An egg is placed in the saucepan, filled with water which is brought to the boil. I am partial to a nine minute, hard boiled egg of a morning.

In pre-lockdown times I would only have breakfast of two Weetabix and a boiled egg, once I had hauled my weary bones to the Wastelands. Since quaratine, I’ve been attempting to be healthy. Every day I now prepare a smoothie. Into the blender I place grapes, blackberries; blueberries; a sliced banana; spinach; a tablespoon of porridge oats; low fat Greek yoghurt and a splash of orange juice and water. And I blend up a storm. By the time this is ready, my egg is boiled. I bring my meal to my office desk.

Then I get dressed.

By the time all this is done it is 9am and I am ready to start my day’s toil at the coalface of remote office administration. Occasionally I will raise my head and stare out the window to check on the Luke Kelly statue which is directly in my line of vision. Having been vandalised three times in it short life, I feel protective of this statue. It does no harm. I cannot understand the reasoning of the lowlifes who think defacing a piece of art – my piece of art no less – is acceptable. I

Each day I listen to RTE Gold – a station specialising in pop and rock music from my youth. It is pleasant, background noise that occasionally allows me a home disco experience – I have just had a boogie in my socks to ‘Step back in time’ to Kylie Minogue for example.

After a morning pretending to be executive when I will dial numbers on my imaginary land line telephone with the back of a pen – this is very executive you see –  I will have lunch. If I need provisons, or just crave a face to face encounter (through a glass pane) with another human being, I will go out to the shop. Upon my return something bready will be prepared. Toast is almost routine, along with cream cheese or sardines or chicken or ham.

The afternoon is a repeat of the morning, as I watch the clock counting down to 5pm. This is when the funtimes begin and I go for my one hour daily walk in the neighbourhood, remaining within a 2 kilometer radius of my home.

My repertoire of evening meals is expanding greatly during these trying times – I made a shepherd’s pie last night for the first time in years.

I then settle in for and evening where I vow to read. More often than not, I will while away the night with reality TV, This is appropriate for the present time. We’re all living in a Big Brother house right now after all.


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