The Rocky Horror Show


I played Riff-Raff in ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ in 2015. It was a pop-up show performed by the In-Players in Amsterdam. I was not the first choice for the role, but I didn’t know that when I was offered the part. Who cared? This was the role written by the creator Richard O’Brien, for himself. I could do that. It was a no-budget production, so I acquired a glittery pink one-piece, tight leotard for my 2nd costume on my own – as well as a hair drier as a murder weapon. I adored the experience from start to finish. Such a dirty, sleazy, hilarious show.

Of course this show has been on the West End for decades. It is touring again, including Dublin in its schedule. I went tonight. I had somehow acquired a free front-row seat.

Duncan James from the boyband Blue plays the villainous hero Frank ‘n’ Furter. He has a wonderful voice, great stage presence, and sturdy, muscular, thighs. It was all very appealing.

I can’t really review this show. The Rocky Horror Show is beyond review. The weirdos will rightly love it regardless.

It may be the only how on earth where the male cast could reasonably argue that they are being objectified  simply because they are men.

I felt faint.

The performing highlight (aside from Duncan’s thighs) was of course Kristian Lavercombe as Riff-Raff – a wonderfully hideous butler, whose lines I was reciting along with him. Go Riff-Raff.

Only two more shows of this production in Dublin. See it now. You’ll have to wait three years till the next time otherwise.

Damn-it Janet. Let’s do the time-warp again.

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