Theatrical: ‘Trad’ at the Peacock

Two days ago I was indulging in some internet personal time while my boss was in a meeting. I did my usual trick of checking what concerts, films and plays were currently playing. It wasn’t my intention to book anything – this was more for my edification. I read the blurb for ‘Trad’ which had opened on Tuesday. Idly I clicked on the ‘book tickets’ button to check prices. Interestingly all dates for the fifteen day run were showing as ‘sold out’. With the exception of Thursday night, where there was a handful of tickets remaining.

Being as shallow as a puddle I snapped one up (for 20 euro if you are wondering). This was a clearly a hot ticket if all seats were already booked out.

So this evening, after a dinner of roast potatoes, gravy, broccoli and a side of peppered mackerel I walked the ten minutes to the Peacock Theatre (the 130 seat basement theatre in the Abbey).

Written by Mark Doherty in 2004, this revival is a Livin’ Dred production, directed by Aaron Monaghan. It tells the tale of rural dwelling, one-armed, 100 year old Thomas (Seamus O’Rourke) and his unimaginably ancient one-legged father (Emmett Kirwan). Thomas reveals that he has a 70 year old son,  whom he has never met. The two men go in search of him.

The play is farcical and hilarious. The Dad is staunch in his beliefs, with a typically prickly relationship with his son. The performances are excellent by Kirwan and Clare Barrett (who gives a wildly funny performance as Father Rice who may have news of Thomas’ son). The musicians on stage throughout keep the absurd plot moving at a good pace. Best of all is Seamus O’Rourke as Thomas – a lugubrious, commanding presence, frustrated by his Da, but dependent on him in equal measure.

The ending was moving and sad.

All told a very entertaining, well acted play.

It runs nightly in the Peacock until May 11th.

I’d recommend it, but it’s sold out.

Instead I’d encourage you to see my play ‘The Number‘ which opens on Monday May 6th at the Teachers’ Club on Parnell Square as part of the 16th International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival.

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