Yet again allegations about child abuse are swirling around the name of the self-proclaimed King of Pop, Michael Jackson. This is as a result of a new documentary called ‘Leaving Neverland’ where two of Jacko’s erstwhile ‘special friends’ – Jimmy Safechuck and Wade Robson – detail their alleged abuse at his hands. I have not seen the documentary. I have no intention of watching the documentary. I suspect the reaction will be something as follows.

Jacko fans will claim that he was a loving man-child, reliving the childhood he never had through his association with these small children; and who because he was rich and famous was being extorted by devious children and their wicked families for financial gain.

They will conveniently ignore that this multi-millionaire businessman – who supposedly loved ALL children – had intense friendships with only boys, that ended soon after they reached puberty , at which point they were replaced. Whose home was designed to be appealing to children. Who slept in beds alone with these boys. Who was inappropriately tactile with them, as many photos show. Who lavished them and their families with money and gifts. Who had porn and alcohol openly lying around in areas frequented by them. Who has been accused by several boys of abuse and paid them off.

I wonder.

I have always been creeped out by Michael Jackson, since even before the first pay-off of $25,000,000 was made to Jordan Chander.


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