Saturday in Dublin


With ‘Mother’s little treasure’ on hiatus I have much more free time. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than on an exploratory walk through my neighbourhood. This has been an ongoing project of mine for several years now – to properly explore the city I live in. Considering the size of Dublin, I will never be finished. It remains a satisfying pursuit nonetheless.

Today’s destination was the Casino at Marino. The Casino is a folly located in Marino, which was designed by Scottish architect William and finished around 1775. It is a small and perfect example of Neo-Classical architecture, situated in the gardens of Marino House. It is not a den of gambling. Casino is a diminutive of the Italian word ‘Casa’. It means simply ‘little house’.

I walked through Fairview to get to it when the rain started. It felt quite pleasant as it was a warm day.

Sadly, I was unable to enter the Casino as it is closed for essential maintenance by the Office of Public Works I took a walk around it and peered through the gates to the grand building next door which houses the training centre for the fire brigade.

On my way back, I made the spontaneous decision to turn left onto the Clontarf Road rather than right to get back home.

A walk along the Clontarf sea front would be good for the soul. The smell of the sea filled my nose. I love that smell. I passed the Clontarf Baths and gazed in admiration at the beautiful seafront homes. If I ever win the lottery I will live in this neighbourhood.

As I’d been walking for over two hours by this point my sugars were low. To rectify this, I called into an Italian chipper for a battered sausage and an ice-cream.

As the rain was getting heavier I got on the train at Clontarf Road and made my way home.

A most edifying Saturday afternoon.

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