Last chance saloon: ‘Mother’s little treasure’


Three shows have now been performed in the run of ‘Mother’s little treasure’ at the Pearse Centre. The audience has increased night on night, which is satisfying. Tonight being Friday and tomorrow being Saturday we are now entering the special nights. These were always going to be the blockbuster nights.

I am very pleased with how it has gone thus far. Audiences are enjoying it – and it seems that they mean it when they say that they do, rather than saying ‘Oh it was an interesting, challenging piece, tell me how YOU found the performances tonight’? When that happens you know that they found the show to be an appalling ordeal, but are too polite to say so. I know that in this instance it is not the case – in large part to the excellent performances; and in some part to the deranged, telenovela style melodrama of the script (and I’ve had years of viewing experience of these types of shows).

Last night I took a peek out at front of house for a nosey. There was two gentleman sitting on the front doorstep who had imbibed several bottles of booze, taking a nap on the front doorstep. An uneaten kebab lay at their feet. We persuaded one gentleman to depart. The other stayed put. Not out of any sense of belligerence. Rather he was fast asleep, judging by his melodious snores. A truly welcoming sight to greet our guests. Couldn’t be helped.

If anyone reading this has yet to decide on whether to come to tonight’s or tomorrow night’s shows, and finds that it is no possible to buy online then never fear. We are approaching sell-out on the online tickets, but have held 33% of tickets for on the door sales so it still possible to come.

Running tonight and tomorrow night at the Pearse Centre, 27 Pearse Street, Dublin 2 (beside the Trinity City Hotel) at 8pm. Tickets cost €15 and can be bought at the link (hopefully) or on the door.


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