Embrace the challenge? I think not


Embrace the challenge?

Well I won’t advertise this, as it might give me a bad reputation, but I choose to reject the challenge.

My work colleague will be unexpectedly out of work for a fortnight. There is no one to cover his work. I have been informed that I will be responsible for covering his tasks in his absence, and that I should view this as an opportunity for learning and growth.

I bared my teeth in a smarmy grimace and said ‘Sure’. I decided against doing a fist-pump, and declaring ‘Go team! There’s no I in team’, as that would be too over the top, even for the my ‘leadership team’ (they used to be called ‘managers’ but this swanky new moniker was recently bestowed on them).

I’ve been told that I can ‘reach out’ for assistance if it becomes too overwhelming. That fills me with confidence and peace.

It won’t be too overwhelming. The ‘leadership team’ seem to have forgotten that I am on ten days leave starting on Friday.

I feel slightly bad that some other poor sod is going to be landed with not only my colleague’s work but also mine.

Not enough to cancel my flights though.

I wouldn’t want to deny some other lucky soul this wonderful chance for learning and growth.

I won’t insult their intelligence by telling them to embrace the challenge though.

I am not that cruel.


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