Poland: Go East. Life is peaceful there


This may be the last blog for a while. At the crack of dawn tomorrow I will be taking to the skies, to the distant land of Poland. For a dental holiday. Gdansk is my destination. Frugality is my motive. Upon discovering that the treatment that my Irish dentist recommended for me was going to cost €2,300, I almost swooned. That would be an extravagant spend. When speaking to a Polish colleague, he asked why I didn’t travel east to get the work done, for a fraction of the cost.

Apparently Budapest is the go-to destination for Irish dental tourism. However being an unfocused person, I was more concerned about finding a pleasant location to do it. Budapest may be one of my favourite cities in the world. However, thus far in my life, I have been there four times. There is a multitude of cities that I have yet to visit.

Poland is a country that I had heretofore only visited once. Poland was my choice.

Not Warsaw however – a very enjoyable city for sure, but one that I have already visited (it was in Warsaw some years ago, that I spent a pleasant evening learning the craft of Serbian folk dancing in the Dobra Karma Club).

I am not sure about the wisdom of selecting a dentist based solely on the fact that I have previously not been to the place where it is located. Then again when I chose a dentist in Ireland, it was just as much a stab in the dark. All dentists receive the same training. And my dentist in Gdansk came highly recommended by patients on the website which advertises dental work; plastic surgery and fertility treatment in central and eastern Europe, to people from Ireland and the UK.

Gdansk looked pretty. And coastal. And Baltic.

So tomorrow I will rise in the dead of night. In a semi-conscious state I will make my way to the airport. Upon landing I will take a cab directly to the dentist’s office.

I hope he is able to do all the work required without hindrance from my good self. I hope that I can find a plug to allow me to charge my phone.

I hope to do an edit of a short play that I have written. I hope to go sightseeing.

Poland – let’s be having you.

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