You won’t fool the children of the revolution.


I miss the days when politicians were allowed to be ugly, and unpolished. Before social media was invented.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are absolute lunatics, but at least recognisable as such. They call into such sharp relief the the waxwork men and women who run our world.

I miss the days when a politician who was a sociopathic monster would be recognised as such; and you would not be distracted because he is wearing funky socks. I miss Richard Nixon – not for his corruption or war-mongering of course. But for the fact that he looked and sounded exactly as he should have done – as a Disney villain who hated his country and hated his people. It was so much more clearcut than today.

These days a public official is required to have a social media presence; to be camera ready and camera friendly. To care about trendy issues that appeal to millennials To wear funky socks.

Take the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland – the openly gay, mixed race man – who rules the country.

He ticks all the boxes – his sexuality; ethnicity; youth, and funky socks are meant to make him appealing. By all accounts it is working. He is a successful symbol of modern Ireland.

What does he symbolise though? Nothing of any value as far as I can see.

He’s the man who 6 years ago opposed gay marriage, while it was politically convenient for him to be in the closet. Despite his immigrant background he’s certainly no hero to minority communities. He’s currently engaged in a psychopathic campaign to normalise homelessness by pretending that our housing crisis is fairly reasonable by international standards – despite not a shred of evidence existing to support this claim. He actively dehumanises poor people, while protecting his rich buddies. He’s spent 5,000,000 eur of taxpayer’s cash  on a department of propaganda, to lie about how great the country – and he personally – are doing.

And he wears colourful socks.

I am meant to trust this psychopath solely because he is a gay, mixed raced man, of reasonable looks and zany socks?

Just like I am meant to like his deputy – Simon Coveney – because he is camera ready?(Ignoring the fact that he is the very symbol of how his party rewards dismal failure. )

Coveney as Minister for Housing, promised in December 2016 there would be no homeless families living in emergency hotel accommodation by June 30th, 2017. On 23rd June 2017, he was promoted to Minister for Foreign Affairs. By July 1st the number of families living in emergency hotel accommodation had increased.

His party – Fine Gael – rewards failure. Although as it is a party of monstrous, right-wing, psychopaths they didn’t regard this as a failure

They hate Ireland, but love big business. Property values are on the way up – so the human casualties of their disgusting refusal to represent the people can be ignored.

They resemble that Teflon King – Pierre Trudeau of Canada. A weasel who attends every gay pride he can find to show his ‘support’, while at the same time signing a $15,000,000,000 deal to sell armed vehicles to Saudi Arabia – a country which murders gay people, and is hardly too supportive of the female 50% of the population.

Teflon Trudeau reminds me of Tony Blair – the man who ushered in Cool Brittania twenty years ago, while waiting his next move as a mass murdering war criminal, for which he will never face justice.

Media savvy, camera ready, amoral, murderous bankrupts the lot of them.

The media seem unkeen to challenge these creatures, and seem only too happy to play along with the relentless dumbing down of our culture.

It is disheartening for example to see what used to be an LGBT news website like Pink News debased to such a degree that it now reports only clickbait. The ONLY criterion on which a politician is judged on that site – regardless of the country, is whether he or she supported same sex marriage.

It’s as  if the Tory Party under that fiend Theresa May isn’t causing huge economic damage to the LGBT community through its economic policies. They brought in gay marriage. Therefore the plunging standard of living  and hatred of the population is irrelevant?

Theresa May is another one I detest – the fact that she is a woman is a nice symbol sure, but I’d rather have a socialist like Jeremy Corbyn in in charge of the nation’s wellbeing –  despite his penis.  Being Type 1 diabetic is meant to make me appreciate Theresa May, I’ve been told? Am I betraying the diabetic cause by loathing her with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns?

I am disillusioned with politics and disillusioned with our ability to change anything.

Revolution is scary. Is a peaceful revolution even possible?





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